In early Jan 2017 Gleny and Ilona went on a trip out west NSW. As you know the Outback is bloody big and Ilona and Gleny got to talking. They fancied themselves intrepid female pioneers and rugged bush women, driving along a sealed road with air-con and fancy cheeses that Gleny made for the trip. Ilona who grew up in the Northern Territory told big yarns about swimming with crocodiles and Gleny who grew up in the Outback told more truthful tales of the harsh life on the land. They got to talking about being troublemakers and cheesemakers and thought how great it would be to be bushrangers and so the unlikely duo of Madam Ironbark and Lady Moonlight was formed. Galloping at at just above the speedlimit in Ilona's cheap 4WD they arrived in Bourke to more air-con, the internet, a few bottles of actual french champagne (to go with the cheese) and their mate Hullsy, a local bard and hirsute historian. There under the influence of the bubbly and the 40 degree heat they found online a reference to not one, but three female bushrangers. 'We should write a bloody show about these broads' Gleny and Ilona said almost together, with Ilona slurring the last bit. And so was born... The daughters of the Rum Rebellion.